UPS Installation

If you own a UPS/Inverter which is in good condition with a good backup, you can take advantage of Solar by simply installing Solar panels and using our Solar Charger built into our Power Steering unit to utilize solar power during the day and save on energy bills.


Our Power steering system is connected to the grid / mains instead of your UPS/Inverter.  Your UPS/Inverter is in turn connected to our Power Steering which has a built in MPPT charger.


When Solar is present, the Power steering provides you with direct solar through the inverter to your electrical loads.  You need to ensure that your loads do not exceed the inverter capacity or the solar capacity.  Your power bills will reduce considerably if your main usage is during daytime - like a business or a shop or other establishments that run from 9AM to 6PM daily.  This is a major saving since commercial power is more expensive than residential power.

We provide Two configurations for your existing UPS/Inverter systems - a 12V system that uses a single or multiple batteries in parallel with an output Voltage of 12V or a 24V system with Two batteries in series.

Our Power steering units will automatically configure itself to the correct voltage when connected to the battery. 

The maximum Solar Panel capacity for a 12V system is 300Wp which means up to 3 x 100Wp panels in parallel.

The maximum Solar Panel capacity for a 24V system is 750Wp which means uo to 6 x 125Wp x 12V panels or 3 x 250W x 24V panels.

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